SegMater – Scanning Microscope and AI-Powered Analysis Solves Problems in Materials Domain and More

Automated imaging device provides a streamlined sample scanning workflow. Customizable trays allow processing of any sample shapes. sizes and layouts within the 120 x 120 mm scanning area. Together with support for both transmitted and reflected light microscopy, the device has high flexibility for scannable targets.

The stock optical setup is telecentric at 1.6 μm or 3.3 μm resolution, i.e., supporting up to 5.6 Gigapixel image of a target.

Cloud based platform allows users to access scan and analysis data from anywhere.

AI-based image segmentation can be trained to recognize even the most challenging objects from the target.

Once segmented by the AI, computing important metrics becomes trivial.

Export reports in customized format.

Easy to use graphical user interface for managing scans.

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