InCOIL – Industrial Camera Operator Interface Lite – offers a streamlined interface designed for USB3 and GigE cameras. Simplify industrial camera operations while maintaining a high level of functionality and reliability.

Multi-camera support

Expand your view with InCOIL’s multi-camera support. Seamlessly manage multiple camera feeds simultaneously, catering to expansive operations with ease.

Choose from various pane layouts to customize your viewing experience, ensuring that each angle provides valuable insights.

Additionally, the system allows you to efficiently save images from different feeds.


Adjustable camera parameters

InCOIL provides users the capability to fine-tune camera settings directly from the interface. Adjustments ranging from basic to advanced parameters are easily accessible, eliminating the need to use separate software alongside InCOIL. This direct access ensures optimal image quality, catering to specific project needs.

Image Overlays

Achieve a deeper understanding of your images with InCOIL’s overlay feature. Users can superimpose additional text or graphics onto the camera feeds. This feature aids in detailed analysis, comparisons, and positioning, enhancing the clarity and depth of every captured feed.